Artist Statement

Things are shifting. I’m finding my way down a new path and myself more often “in the zone” in my studio. I began using colored slips by brush application of very thick layers on leather-hard hand-built or thrown pieces, then carving into the surface to expose layers of color and pattern. That morphed into using slips in a more or less painterly way by applying very thin layers by brush, as a painter would use oils or acrylics, and using the surface as a canvas. Now I’ve blended these two techniques into a third and much more challenging way of working. I’ve called it “quilted clay” but its more like laminating very thin layers of patterned slips onto a slab or thrown surface to create anything from simple colored patterns to colored slip paintings. It’s a sweet spot! In fact, I’m so excited about this new work I’m coming out of teaching hibernation.

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